Trailer: The Imperial Nobility makes its way into Blood Bowl 3

Trailer: The Imperial Nobility makes its way into Blood Bowl 3

Think Blood Bowl 3’s Imperial Nobility team would be pretty wimpy? Think again. They have almost unlimited money, and you know what that means.

Everybody’s got a price

Not only is Blood Bowl a popular form of entertainment, it is also extremely lucrative. The rich nobles of the Empire could not pass up such an opportunity to accumulate more wealth and achieve their dreams of fame. Sponsored by patrons with unlimited funds, the Imperial Nobility teams intend to establish their dominance on the field.

They are known for their aggressive defensive and fast counterattacking skills. Their defensive line consists of Linemen, who are extremely difficult to catch, and Bodyguards, who are more than capable of taking their opponents down with them. In attack, the Blitzers and Throwers work together to lead the counterattack. Mainly composed of humans, the Imperial Nobility teams include gentlemen who are not so gentle, supported by Ogres whose power is matched only by their limited intelligence.

With stable lines, skillful passing and excellent mobility, the Imperial Nobility teams make formidable opponents on the field. Money talks and they have lots of it.


Blood Bowl 3 is headed to Steam for Early Access play this September, with a final edition landing at retail in February 2022. If you just can’t wait to play though, it’s also set to debut a closed beta in just a few days (on June 3rd). Sign-ups are right now, with the beta set to run through the 13th of this month.

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