Trailer: Ultra-customizable LEGO Brawls is out now

Trailer: Ultra-customizable LEGO Brawls is out now

A multiplayer beat ’em up/fighter that lets you build your character with 77 trillion possibilities? That’s LEGO Brawls, and it’s out right now.

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The game’s build-and-brawl mechanics are an unprecedented evolution of the traditional platform fighter genre. Players build and compete with custom, one-of-a-kind LEGO minifigure brawlers tailored to their personality, strategy, and play style. With more than 77 trillion customization possibilities, players can choose any combination of minifigure parts, accessories, melee weapons, power-ups, emotes, and names to build their winning brawler. Seasonal events and content create even more possibilities.

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Obviously, there’s a ton of ‘regular’ LEGO stuff in this game, but there look to be licensed items as well. LEGO Jurassic Park in particular, is highlighted as a part of the game at launch, along with LEGO staples like Ninjago, and classics like Space and Castle.

Multiplayer online play includes 4v4 combat to “control the point, gather collectibles in Collect Mode levels, play a battle royale-style game where it’s “every-player-for-themself,””. There’s also a full-on free-for-all mode to round things out, so there’s a fair amount to do here for LEGO fans.

LEGO Brawls is out right now for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as the Switch, and PC (via Steam and GeForce NOW).

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