Trailer: Zombie Army 4’s third season kicks off

Trailer: Zombie Army 4’s third season kicks off

The horde of the undead is ever-shambling forward, as Zombie Army 4’s 3rd season of content is officially a go. Expect lots more undead-blasting.

Return to Hell

Terminal Error is the first mission in Season 3’s new three-part campaign, Return to Hell. A horrifying transmission leads you and your fellow deadhunters to a mysterious derelict base on the Italian coast. Battle your way through a huge, open-ended level and put a stop to the sinister machinations lurking in the shadows.

Developed by Rebellion in collaboration with Flix Interactive and Radical Forge, Terminal Error is a mission for 1-4 players, available now in Zombie Army 4 as part of Season Pass 3. 


Terminal Error is available separately for $6.99 USD, or as a part of the season 3 bundle for $34.99 USD. This first installment is just the beginning of Zombie Army 4’s season 3. Rebellion says that the totally season will encompass 3 new campaign missions, as well as multiple new skins, characters, weapons, and more.

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Zombie Army 4 is available now for  PS4, Xbox One, the PC (via Epic, Steam, and the Store), and Google’s Stadia. It’s also playable on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, complete with next-gen boosts.

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