Trailer(s): Bloodrayne and Bloodrayne 2 Terminal Cuts out now

Trailer(s): Bloodrayne and Bloodrayne 2 Terminal Cuts out now

“The Vampiric Vixen” has returned for a pair of remasters from Ziggurat. A host of visual and gameplay improvements await in these PC updatings.

Let the red stuff flow

From the press release:

Both Terminal Cut editions feature:

  • Goodbye Jaggies: Thanks to improved rendering, these versions of BloodRayne run with up to 4x anti-aliasing
  • Modern Resolution: The enhanced editions of BloodRayne support display resolutions up to 4K / 3840×2160
  • Improved Environmental Effects: Enjoy more immersive environments thanks to improved effects like reflections, water, fog, and shadows
  • Use Your Elite Controller: Modern controllers are now supported, thanks to the addition of XInput controller support
  • New Language Support: Accessibility is important, and actually understanding the dialogue in a game does wonders for immersion. New localizations include:

    • BloodRayne: Terminal Cut: Fully voiced with localized interfaces in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian
    • BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut: Fully voiced in English and Russian, plus localized interface and subtitles for French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • …and Much More: Upscaled cinematic videos, lighting improvements, support for uncompressed original textures, and Windows 10 optimization ensure that these are the absolute best versions of both titles
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Bloodrayne: Terminal Cut and Bloodrayne 2: Terminal Cut are both available now for the PC. Each are available for $14.99 USD, and feature launch discounts. As a nice added bonus, both of them are free for owners of the originals (on PC).

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