Tran Sim World 3 chugs into Early Access ahead of full launch

Tran Sim World 3 chugs into Early Access ahead of full launch

Train Sim World 3 is out now worldwide for players who are eligible for Early Access (which is done by means of pre-ordering the Standard or Deluxe Edition). This comes ahead of its full launch, which is set to leave the station on September 6.

With the sim now in Early Access, PC players can jump into the cabin via Steam or the Epic Games Store.


Now leaving the station

Train Sim World 3 brings with it a slew of improvements, including a revamped weather engine with dynamic conditions, more intricate simulation mechanics, graphical upgrades, and more.

PC players of its predecessor, Train Sim World 2, can transfer their progress with no issue with the Steam version of the game. Transferable content includes the player’s Driver Profile, creations from the Livery Designer and Scenario Planner and also uploads from Creators Club.Train Sim World 3 Early Access Open

Speaking of transferring old content, all compatible legacy content from Train Sim World 2 will be “available within 24 hours of the launch of Train Sim World 3 on September 6,” according to Dovetail. On that note, it will delist the core sim once Train Sim World 3 launches. However, its add-ons will be remain on the various storefronts to continue being accessible for purchase and play in the new sim.

Dovetail acknowledges that there are some issues facing the sim ahead of its full launch. On PC, this includes certain things like the Livery Designer missing some locomotives and some of the core routes not having journey chapters.

These are just the issues that the team has identified so far, so it doesn’t rule out the possibility of there potentially being more. Thus, it’s asking Early Access players to reach out to Dovetail Support to make the appropriate reports, should any new bugs arise.

A whole new route to explore

Dovetail has compiled an “Everything You Need to Know” list for the Early Access launch of Train Sim World 3, and it’s worth a read. The full game launches on September 6 for $49.99 USD for the Standard Edition and $59.99 USD for the deluxe.

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