Trap evil in Deathtrap this Fall

August 29, 2014
News, PC, PS4, Xbox One


NeoCore Games’ newest is a trap-fest of epic proportions that combines setting traps with tower defense and RPG elements.

There still isn’t a ton to tell you about the very interesting looking Deathtrap. What we do know though is that you’ll be playing hero to a dark, otherworldly void that “exists beyond the veil of this world”. What you’l be doing there is setting traps, defending your keep, and taking out as many monsters that are waking up to claim the real world as you can.

Deathtrap reminds me of a few games, but nothing that’s seen the light of day in a good long time. Knowing NeoCore (that also make the Van Helsing titles) it should be an interesting ride at the very least. Expect to see Deathtrap hitting online storefronts for the Xbox One and PC this Fall, with a PS4 edition coming some time after that.

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