Trio of new screens and details explode out of Square Enix from Just Cause 4

Possibly one of the biggest action titles for this coming Holiday Season, Just Cause 4 is almost here. Have a look at three new screens and some new info.

Wild weather

First, before you check out the screens, have a peek at this video. It’s all about the new, completely insane weather system that Just Cause 4 will feature. If you’ve played the series before, and you already know how nuts it is, then you can imagine the havoc this stuff is going to cause.

All in all, there will be four unique weather systems in Just Cause 4. The tornado is just one of them, but as you can tell it’s going to change up the gameplay significantly. debris will be everywhere, and yes, it can rip planes right out of the sky.

If you watched the above, then you know that JC4 will be the best-looking installment in the series yet. And if you haven’t for some reason, then at least look at these screens, ’cause holy crap does this game look amazing. Just Cause 4 seems like a significant bump over JC3, graphically.

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I’ve been a fan of most of this series thus far, but man am I looking forward to this one. If you are too, then you’ll be happy to know that Just Cause 4 isn’t far off. The game hits consoles and the PC on December 4th.

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