Two more classes revealed for Van Hellsing III

NeoCore continues to load up the third and final game int he Van Helsing series of action/RPGs.

NeoCore has really been turning out some excellent little action/RPG titles with the Van Helsing series. Looking like the best of the three is part III, which adds two more new character classes this week. Both the Protector and the Elementalist look pretty awesome too, not to mention different as night and day, always a good thing when you’re giving players choices as to who to take into battle.

There should be quite a few of all of the above wandering around the game’s work too, as Van Helsing III offers single and four player co-op, not to mention 8 player versus modes. All told, there’ll be six classes, of which this makes four that have been detailed. Who are the other two? Stay tuned, as the developer will be revealing them in short order.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III hits the the PC next month.

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