Type Lumina PC release confirmed with new trailer

Type Lumina PC release confirmed with new trailer

Fans of the Melty Blood franchise got a pleasant surprise not that long ago when a new entry in the series was announced. PC releases are always a tricky subject for fighting games, though. While most usually end up on PC, it is always a question of when. Some games have to wait a long time for an official PC release, and some still aren’t even that lucky. Thankfully this won’t be the case for fans, as Melty Blood: Type Lumina was confirmed for a PC release via a new trailer.

Developed by French Bread, Melty Blood takes the characters from the Japanese adult visual novel Tsukihime and puts them in a fighting game. As strange as that setup sounds, the Melty Blood is actually a solid 2D anime fighting game series that began in 2002. The games have a heavy emphasis on fast mobility, aerial combat, and crazy mixups. They are one of the purest examples of a traditional ‘anime fighting game.’ Over time, the series has featured a small but loyal player base. French Bread is also the same studio behind the Under Night In-Birth series.

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This newest version of Melty Blood sports some very smooth character models, and looks great overall. The full anime versions of the characters that appear during super moves also look better than they ever have. In the trailer we see six different characters: Arcueid Brunestud, Ciel, Akiha Tohno, Hisui, best girl Kohaku (fight me), and Shiki Tohno. More characters are sure to be announced as the release date gets closer.

The night is still young

Melty Blood: Type Lumina releases on PC on Steam on September 30. We do know that the game will have rollback netcode, which was confirmed by the developer when the game was first announced. In a post-Guilty Gear Strive world, any fighting game without rollback is going to face a serious uphill battle. So, it’s is a great move right out of the gate for Type Lumina to make that fact known. The game isn’t listed on Steam just yet, but keep an eye on the official website for when it does.

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