Ubisoft Connect wrap-up feature recounts your last five years of gaming

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It’s always nice to take a stroll down memory lane. Well, okay. Not alwaysSometimes nice. To commemorate the switch to Ubisoft Connect, the company is offering a wrap-up summary of the last half-decade you’ve spent with Ubisoft titles. Specifically, the feature generates a video from your personal statistics. All you need to do is log-in to Ubisoft Connect and go here. Then you click “generate wrap-up” and you’ll have a two-minute video to watch the highlights of the Ubisoft games you’ve played since 2015.

It starts by stating how many Ubisoft games you’ve played across the number of sessions you’ve had. Then it breaks down your three most-played games with a variety of statistics. It also comes with a special recorded message from a company higher-up before leaving you with the number of coins and how much XP you earned when Uplay was in its previous incarnation. It’s honestly a neat little idea.


Take me on a trip, or don’t?

If you’ve dumped a lot of time into Ubisoft games, you’ll probably enjoy seeing all of your stats used in a video in this way. However, if you havent, well, things get funny. My video opened by showing that I’d played a total of five games and then proceeded to break down my top three. For whatever reason, number three was The Division, a game I didn’t much care for and barely put any time into. It then specified how many rogue agents I took down in Manhattan.

Ubisoft connect wrap-up

Wow! What an accomplishment! It then followed up with an Ubisoft game that I liked a great deal: Watch Dogs 2. Unfortunately, I played that one on PS4. Since I refused to pay for PS Plus, I also didn’t get to use any of the online features. You see where this is going. It made a big to-do of telling me that I exposed the dangers of CToS 2.0:

Ubisoft connect wrap-up

WHAT ADVENTURES I HAVE! Your most-played Ubisoft game has a lot more stats listed though, which is neat. Mine was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and it made sure to show me how many regions I explored and how far I traveled. As I said, this new Ubisoft Connect wrap-up feature is neat. But only if you’ve actually played enough games.

Ubisoft Connect is changing things up in multiple ways for the way we experience games. In addition to things like wrap-up, Ubisoft Connect will offer rewards via challenges. The new app is a clear attempt to evolve and meet the changing dynamics of the gaming markets of the future.

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