Ubisoft issues a Watch_Dogs 101 in new trailer

Learn everything there is to know about Ubisoft’s newest open world action/adventure title.

One thing you can definitely say about Watch_Dogs, there’s going to be no shortage of things to do in the gritty semi-futurisitc world of Chicago Unbisoft has created. Between the campaign, all the optional missions and opportunities, the multiplayer, and all the assorted other things, this is going to be one huge game.

For an inaugural title in what’s pretty sure to be a series, Watch_Dogs looks to have a fantastically detailed universe and a pretty rich history already built in. This one has been in development for a good long time though, so it’d probably be kind of strange if it didn’t. Lots of potential here, and lots to like if you’re an action fan- and especially if you’re one who digs open-world play.

Watch_Dogs hits the Xbox One/36o, PS4/3, and the PC on May 27th. As for that Wii U version, it’s still coming, but we don’t have a release date just yet.

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