Uncanny Inhumans #11 (Comics) Preview

Uncanny Inhumans #11 (Comics) Preview

June 6, 2016
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Medusa’s Inhumans go to war against Iron Man.

Uncanny_Inhumans_11_Putri_VariantWith one of their own at the center of the conflict, Medusa leads her people into battle this June in UNCANNY INHUMANS #11 – a Civil War II tie-in! Superstar creators Charles Soule and Carlos Pacheco bring the fireworks as the Inhumans wage war against…Tony Stark? Fueled by the can’t miss events of Civil War II #2 – Medusa cannot stay neutral any longer. And she’s bringing her armies to the Stark’s doorstep…literally! Plus – this issue features the dazzling debut of the much-anticipated Mosaic? But who is this new Inhuman? And are they friend or foe? Find out as the drums of war beat in New Attilan this June in UNCANNY INHUMANS #11!

The massive push for the Inhumans continues here in Uncanny #11, as the moon-based super-group takes the central position in another big crossover event. It’s easy to see why the Inhumans have gotten this monster-shove into a spotlight that they’ve really never enjoyed before of course, but it also seems like they’re having issues drumming up all that much fan-support and interest.

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Will Civil War II’s crossover change all that? Stay tuned, this one’s just getting warmed up. Uncanny Inhumans #11 lands on stands and digital storefronts on June 29th from the team of Charles Soule and Carlos Pacheco.

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