Uncanny X-Men #13 (Comics) Preview

The Battle of the Atom rages as the X-universe gets turned upside down and inside out.

This October, the X-Men event of the year heats up as Battle of the Atom rages on in Uncanny X-Men #13! Wolverine is down and bleeding out with no healing factor and the Jean Grey School is under attack from mysterious foes! Is that a Phoenix Quentin Quire and who is the blue man on the cover?! From blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and critically acclaimed artist Chris Bachalo, comes the next can’t miss chapter of the X-Men event of the year!

Okay, so number one- who is that blue guy?! He looks like some kind of amalgam of Wolverine and Mystique, and since we’re talking about X-Men from the future here, he just might be.

Battle of the Atom, if you don’t know, pits X-teams from the past (All-New X-Men) present and future up against one another in a fight to set the time-stream right again after Beast went back to the past and brought the original five X-Men to the present. Yeah… it’s complicated.

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In any event, Ed Mcguinness provided the cover art for that blue mystery man and the rest of the book is brought to you by the talented Chris Bachalo and uber-scribe Brian Michael Bendis. This is one not to miss if you’re an X-Men fan, as it’s loaded with all the mutant weirdness that you’d expect (and probably demand).

Grab it when it hits stands and digital download shops on October 16th.

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