Unholy alliance

The “Herald Supreme” story arc continues this summer in the pages of Doctor Strange, as Galactus and Dormammu forge an alliance.

Unholy alliance

If you’re unaware, the cosmic planet-eater Galactus is once again a force of destruction. And now, apparently, he’s got his sights set on the Marvel Universe on the whole. Enter the evil, mystical dread-lord known as Dormammu.

The long time Doctor Strange villain has now allied himself with Galactus. The result is a terror that (somehow) the Marvel U has never seen before.

This summer, the “Herald Supreme” arc of DOCTOR STRANGE continues…and thanks to his alliance with Dormammu, Galactus has never been more terrifying! He’s set his sights on the Marvel Universe, and it’s up to Strange to stop him from wreaking havoc on the world as we know it…

“This story goes SO MUCH BIGGER than anyone will believe,” teases editor Nick Lowe. “Doc and Clea are in deep trouble, but so is the rest of the multiverse!”

Writers Mark Waid and Barry Kitson, along with artist Scott Koblish, are taking fans on a wild ride as Doctor Strange goes up against his biggest fight yet! Don’t miss the epic continuation of the “Herald Supreme” arc in DOCTOR STRANGE #15 and DOCTOR STRANGE #16, coming to comic shops this June!

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