Units guide — The best troops for your campaign

Units guide -- The best troops for your campaign

King’s Bounty II has several units that you can recruit from various NPCs by spending gold. In a few instances, you might also obtain a few as part of quest battles. They could be allied with you and, if they survive, they’ll be part of your roster for good. Likewise, it’s possible to use the “Summon” Wayfaring Magic to get units permanently. Here’s our King’s Bounty II units guide to help you recruit the best troops for your campaign.

Note: For more information, check out our King’s Bounty II guides and features hub. We also have a beginner’s guide to get you started with the basic mechanics and combat system.


King’s Bounty II units guide – The best units and troops to recruit for your campaign

To clarify, I predominantly used Order-type units while reviewing King’s Bounty II. There are a few good reasons for this, and it wasn’t just because I was playing as Elisa the Paladin:

  • Morale – By having an army comprised of units that follow the same ideals, you gain a morale boost which gives units a chance to gain an extra turn. Conversely, units that follow a different or diametrically opposed ideals lead to a morale penalty. Low morale increases the chance that units will skip a turn.
  • Balance Talents – The Order talents (i.e., Order/Anarchy/Finesse/Power Balance) lessen the morale penalty if there are units of different ideals. However, I think dumping points into these is a waste.
  • Versatility – Order units are quite versatile since you’ve got a complement of sturdy melee fighters, ranged options, and utility support.
  • Dispels – A vast majority of enemies that you face will have debuffs that can proc via attacks, or the actual army leader will cast spells to debilitate your units. Dispelling definitely helps here.
  • Taunts – One particular unit can taunt foes, ensuring that it’ll remain as their target for several turns (if you have the “Competence” Order talent).

To be fair, there are units with these roles/functions that belong to other ideals. However, a combination of the above factors ensured that Order was the way to go. In any case, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with. I’ve also added the special abilities (not passives) that these units have by default, though they might learn new actions once they rank up.

Note 1: Leadership is the stat that determines how many units of a certain type can be fielded, but there are still caps to consider regardless. For instance, low-tier units or regular infantry usually have 10 soldiers per squad (i.e., Spearmen, Free Archers, Skeletons, and the like). Then, there are some ridiculously powerful units that only let you bring one or two in fights (i.e., Chimeras and Dragons).

Note 2: Recruitment NPCs will usually have default options that will remain as is throughout the rest of your King’s Bounty II campaign. However, a select few may gain new troops as you progress through quests.

Note 3: There were a few units that I encountered in battles, but I never found a means of recruiting them. They weren’t being sold by vendors, they won’t join you after a fight even if they’re allied, and I haven’t gotten them via the “Summon” scroll. Lastly, as far as I know, there’s no way for you to have Hollowed units in the game since these Blighted foes are the main threats in Nostria.

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