Unlocking the Hammer and Sickle in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

Unlocking the Hammer and Sickle in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

A new melee weapon is in town for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. If you love slicing and dicing enemy players, this may be the best melee weapon yet. The Hammer and Sickle is a dual wield weapon. As it suggests, you will have a Hammer in one hand and a Sickle in the other. Apart from together forming the symbol of the Soviet Union, the melee weapon has some of the best animations going. Therefore, unlocking it will be a worthwhile task. You can unlock the Hammer and Sickle in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone by completing a challenge.

Compared to other challenges we have been assigned to unlock weapons, the Hammer and Sickle challenge may prove to be more difficult. It will definitely require you to have some patience. In multiplayer and Warzone, you are tasked with getting a melee kill and a tomahawk or throwing knife kill in the same life in 15 different matches. If you would prefer to get your hands on the new melee weapon in zombies, you can. Here, you will have to use a primary melee weapon to destroy the Aether Orb in Outbreak 12 times. Both challenges are equally time consuming, but once you have unlocked the Hammer and Sickle it is permanently yours.


There’s always a Black Ops Cold War and Warzone bundle

As always, you can purchase a new weapon when it is added to the in-game store. The Split Personality bundle costs 1,800 Call of Duty points. This includes the Agony and Ecstasy Hammer and Sickle blueprint. Additionally, the bundle includes cosmetics in the form of two operator skins, a watch, a finishing move, a teabag gesture, a battle pass tier skip, and a matching emblem and calling card.

Once you acquire the Hammer and Sickle, you can show it off in future Black Ops Cold War and Warzone matches.

Black Ops Cold War And Warzone Unlock Hammer And Sickle

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