Unsettling Pikmin-like adventure game Dap arrives on PC next week

Unsettling Pikmin-like adventure game Dap arrives on PC next week

The debut project of developer Melting ParrotDap, looks like an experience that few others can compare to. Dap has been described as “Pikmin meets Mononoke” and while gameplay footage certainly confirms the validity of that description, it does not fully capture everything that makes the game unique. It combines some of the basic features of those two works while leaning heavily on horror elements, resulting in an enchanting yet deeply unsettling vibe. Thankfully, those interested in playing Dap can do so as soon as next week, when it releases on Sept. 29.

Trailers for Dap do an admirable job at depicting the beautiful, twisted atmosphere that players can expect once they pick the game up. The gritty-looking pixel art has a hand-drawn quality to it that makes it stand out, and the whole game world has a shadowy filter that sells its otherworldly nature. The trailers attempt to unnerve the viewer, as they include plenty of jarring jump-cuts, sudden spikes in volume, and disturbing imagery.

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A macabre premise

According to the game’s Steam pageDap sees players “gathering and protecting a pack of fragile creatures called Daps” in a “hostile and corrupted world.” Players have to deal with a threat that “has descended onto the forest – something incomprehensible, sinister, slithering in from a crack in reality.” “Fighting off threats” and “solving puzzles” will help guide the player’s team of Daps back home, and the Daps themselves help greatly in accomplishing these goals. A strange infection threatens to transform the Daps into terrifying enemies, so players must stay on the move and remain careful in certain areas to prevent this from happening.

Since Dap will be available on online storefronts by the end of next week, players will not have to wait too long to see how successful Melting Parrot’s first outing will be. Everything revealed so far certainly looks promising, so hopefully, this off-kilter adventure will live up to expectations and then some.

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Dap next week dark

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