Until Dawn dev Supermasive has filed a trademark for ‘The Quarry’

Until Dawn dev Supermasive has filed a trademark for 'The Quarry'

Supermassive Games, the makers of The Dark Pictures series, has filed a new trademark for ‘The Quarry.’ There isn’t much information to parse in the listing, however the filing did come with a logo for the project. Presumably, The Quarry could be the name for a new IP by the horror team. All we can tell at the moment is that it is a game, assuredly taking place in a quarry.

VGC dug up a little more information on the project. According to the report, The Quarry is getting published by 2K and the plan is to release it sometime this year. The logo, filed alongside the EUIPO listing, doesn’t match anything from The Dark Pictures Anthology. Its look resembles something done using a paintbrush, with matching blotches and drips.


The Quarry likely isn’t connected to Supermassive’s narrative horror series. However, that’s not to say it isn’t possible. Following the most recent with House of Ashes, there may be at least five more chapters in the anthology. Some of the reported names include O Death, Directive 8020, and Winterfold. There is a chance that The Quarry will join the ranks, assuming it isn’t an all-new game by the studio.

Dark Pictures Supermassive Games The Quarry Trademark Logo

Watch for falling rocks

If The Quarry is a new IP from Supermassive, I do wonder where it’ll take place. Oh wait, a quarry. Well, that’s at least one mystery solved. If the game follows the same formula as Until Dawn and Dark Pictures, then I expect to see another group of mostly unlikable idiots wandering around trying not to die. Presuming it does take place in a quarry, where materials like limestone are unearthed, someone’s going to get crushed by a rock. It does sound right up Supermassive’s alley though, doesn’t it?

As the game is reportedly getting shown off this year, we’ll probably see it during a summer event. We’ll keep an eye out for it, as well as falling rocks.

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