Update: Nintendo Direct, aimed at 3DS and Switch, is coming up tomorrow

We’ve seen what’s on the way for Switch and 3DS, and we’ve even been schooled on the Nindies on the way. So what’s on tap for tomorrow?

Direct to you

This has been rescheduled, from last week to tomorrow, September 13th. The Direct was moved due to the earthquake in Japan. It will be starting at 6pm Pacific time.

Isn’t this interesting? We’re in for a Nintendo Direct that’ll be not just talking Switch, but also the 3DS. It won’t be all that short either, clocking in at 35 minutes. So the question becomes: what’s it all about?

Since this is Nintendo, we have nothing other than the above outline to go off of. And that leaves a number of questions about the content of this Direct Presentation. Are we talking long-term releases for Q 1&2 of 2019, or might we be looking at something about the company’s online service?

I’m thinking that the latter might be the safe bet, since that (conceivably) could impact both consoles. After all, the 3DS has been left out of pretty much all the talk about Nintendo’s new online groove, so there could be something to report there. Could it be that the 3DS will be getting something similar?

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Who knows honestly. It’s just kind of fun to speculate on this stuff. And with nothing of note highlighted this should be an interesting show. You can catch the transmission tomorrow (September 6th) at 6pm eastern time.

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