Updates for V Rising will be infrequent, but larger than small patches

Updates for V Rising will be infrequent, but larger than small patches

V Rising is the latest game to take the survival genre by storm. As expected, gathering resources and crafting various items is essential. And as you take on the role of a vampire, even more possibilities unlock for you. This includes having servants around your castle, finding the best blood quality and type, and more. Last week, Stunlock Studios celebrated one million V Rising purchases, and the developers decided to share their next steps in terms of rolling out updates in V Rising.

Stunlock explained that it has a goal in mind for where it wants to take V Rising next, but nothing is set in stone. However, the team will focus on bug fixes, balancing the blood curdling landscape and making other improvements to quality of life and the servers. After all, improving every aspect of the game will make your journey to becoming the next Dracula a smoother experience.


Plans for new V Rising content is in the works

In the dev update, marketing director Johan Ilves spoke more on the future of V Rising. He said that V Rising will see “more extensive updates” instead of smaller updates released on a regular basis. Ilves could not say when the first content update will arrive, though. Despite this, we can expect that there will be more weapons, loot, land to explore, V Bloods with new challenges, and much more. Already we’ve been given a sneak peek into what the next update could entail. A piece of new concept art at the bottom of the dev update shows a vampire in a frosty setting with a rather large, armored boss up ahead.

Finally, Stunlock will continue to update fans on their progress surrounding upcoming V Rising updates. It seems that our vampire journey is far from over and has only just begun. When embarking on your own vampire adventures, check out our V Rising guides and features hub.

V Rising Content Updates

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