Uppercut Games’ City of Brass hitting Nintendo Switch next month

First-person hack and slash City of Brass is almost here for the Nintendo Switch, arriving next month. And it’s got some extras you won’t find elsewhere.


While I can’t say I’m wild about the “rogue-lite” elements, and City of Brass is one, Uppercut Games’ title does look pretty good. Even better, it looks pretty good running on Nintendo Switch, which is what you see there in that trailer.

The game plunges players into an Arabian Nights inspired adventure, loaded with demons and monsters. Gameplay focuses on battling the baddies while keeping yourself mobile via your whip.

City of Brass revolves around the rhythmic interplay between melee combat and movement, as the protagonist’s whip can be used both in and out of battle in a variety of ways. It can disarm foes, trip and stun them, and open defensive opportunities that can be exploited by other weapons. The whip can also be used to grab faraway objects and swing to safety, or manipulate booby traps littered throughout the mythical metropolis, turning the environment on its unwitting denizens.

City of Brass press release

And as you can imagine, since the is a “rogue-lite” game, the levels change every time you play. That’s not something that I personally find all that com[elling, but it does have its plusses. Chief among them is that the game will offer something different every time you play. That’s not a bad thing.

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More than what you’ve seen before

As I mentioned too, this version has some new inclusions over the previously released console and PC editions. That basically shakes out to be three new characters.

This group includes the fast but frail knife-fighting Brigand, the spear-throwing Soldier, and the strong but slow Hellion genie, each bringing something different to the table and keeping the experience fresh while players strive to attain the ultimate goal.

This new release also features a myriad of enhancements made to the game since its initial launch, including new relics, weapons, enemies, and various quality of life improvements.

City of Brass press release

City of Brass arrives on February 8th, 2019.

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