Valiant Masters: Ninjak to tip the scales at 200 pages

Valiant Comics’ newest Masters Edition book will collect 200 pages of the Ninjak’s original 90’s run through the Valiant U.

Valiant Masters: Ninjak Vol. 1 – Black Water

 collects the origin story and debut solo adventure of the British super-ninja from the book’s original run back in 1994. The Joe Quesada penciled (although there are other artists featured as well) and Mark Moretti written tome includes issues #1-6 of the book, as well as issue #0 and #00. Yes, two zeros… it was the 90’s remember?

Codenamed Ninjak, Colin King is gifted with a brilliant mind and lethal training in the world’s most dangerous fighting techniques. Both will be put to the ultimate test as he is drawn into a globe-spanning mission to apprehend Dr. Silk, mastermind of the WEBNET terror network, before the mysterious weapon known as “Black Water” goes online. From the British Isles to the land of the Rising Sun, Ninjak is about to leave an indelible imprint on the Valiant Universe – or die trying.

The second volume in the Valiant Masters series, Ninjak Vol. 1, hits stores on February 27th and make sure you keep an eye out for the Valiant Masters 2013 Showcase Edition (which’ll have a peek inside the book) on Free Comic Book Day, March 4th.

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