Valiant to relaunch X-O Manowar this fall

Valiant Comics announces another new series for Aric, as X-O Manowar will start off a fresh run with all all-new first issue this fall.

X-O Manowar will be unleashed in a brand-new ongoing series this Fall! Keep your eyes on the stars for more info soon…

Valiant Comics press release

Valiant Comics has been a little on the quiet side over the last few months. They’ve had a stream of comics for sure, but not too many big events and such. Though now it looks like they’re cooking something up for this fall. At least, it does if you’re an X-O Manowar fan.

Visigoth turned superhero, Aric here is pretty easily the most powerful member of Valiant’s universe. He’s kind of their Superman. Kind of. And after a few bumpy years, he’s back in the saddle of the alien weapon known as the X-O Manowar armor, and back on Earth. It seems as though Aric is about to get something of a new beginning.

We don’t have a release date for this new issue #1 as of yet, but it’ll be brought to you by Doug Braithwaite and colorist Diego Rodriguez. No, no writer has been announced just yet. And yes, that does seem kind of odd.

We’ll have more for you on the relaunch as it is released.

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