Valorant Act III will add new agent, map, battlepass and skin line

Valorant Act III will add new agent, map, battlepass and skin line

Valorant is getting a load of new content when Act III gets underway on October 13. Initially, Riot Games planned to add a new agent every Act and a new map every Episode. However, an icy new map has already been unveiled for Episode 1: Act III, which may indicate increasing the map count has become a greater priority for the Valorant team.

Valorant Act III will also add a new agent named Skye, a new battlepass packed with amazing rewards, and one of the most visually dynamic skin lines yet — Singularity. To begin, here are some new screenshots from Valorant’s new map, Icebox.

The beastmaster

The new agent coming to Valorant in Act III hails from Australia and her kit draws on the power of the wild. Skye can equip trinkets, which she activates to use her diverse range of abilities. Most notably, Skye is the first agent since Sage who can heal her teammates.

Valorant Agent Skye

Skye’s first ability, Trailblazer, allows her to take control of a Tasmanian tiger. Firing while this ability is active will cause the tiger to leap forward and explode in a concussive blast. Enemies directly hit by the blast will take damage.

Skye Trailblazer

Guiding Light allows Skye to fire a scouting hawk. You can hold fire to guide the hawk in the direction of your crosshair. Activating the ability again when the hawk is in flight will cause it to explode in a flash, blinding enemies and letting you know if an enemy in range or line of sight was hit.

Skye Guiding Light

Regrowth is Skye’s heal and the clip below makes it look very powerful. Using the ability will equip a healing trinket, which you can use to heal all allies within range and line of sight. You can reuse the trinket until her healing pool is depleted. Skye cannot use Regrowth to heal herself.

Skye Regrowth

Skye’s Ultimate Ability is called Seekers and it sends out three projectile blooms to track down the three closest targets. Presumably, this is like the orb in Spike Rush that sends out wolves to track down your enemies. Enemies hit by the Seekers are nearsighted

Skye Seekers

Act III battlepass

As with all the battlepasses so far, the Valorant Act III battlepass has some free rewards and some premium rewards. There isn’t much of interest on the free track, other than a colorful skin for the Sheriff. However, it looks like you will be able to use Radianite to upgrade it, which is a first for free players. The premium track, on the other hand, has a lot of very impressive weapon skins.

Considering how much one skin costs in the Valorant store, 1,000 VP for the Act II battlepass and its skins is a very good deal. You still need to unlock the skins, but there is plenty in there to motivate you. The Ruin melee dagger is a highlight for me, but both the Ruin and Jade skin lines are excellent.

As for the new Singularity skin line coming to the store, it looks futuristic and lethal. The whole bundle will set you back 8,700 VP and it includes the Singularity Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, and melee weapon. Purchasing the bundle will also get you the Singularity Player Card, Spray, and Gun Buddy.

Singularity Phantom

You’ve never seen a Phantom like this before.

Valorant Act III begins on October 13, which only gives you a few more days to complete your Act II battlepasses and perfect your Act Rank badges.

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