Valve has updated the Steam Charts page with a new, sleek design

New Steam Charts Sleek Redesign

Valve has given the Steam stats page a huge makeover. Previously, Steam users who wanted to see real-time rankings for games would have to use the platform’s stats section. However, this has been replaced by the new Steam Charts page. Credit where due, this new page isn’t just more informative, it’s also super sleek.

On the Steam Charts page, Steam users can find out all kinds of interesting information, including the top-selling games, the most played games, weekly top sellers, monthly top sellers, and the specific number of players that are playing each game. The number of players can be further filtered by either current players or total daily players.


At the foot of the new Steam Charts, there’s more information that goes into the specifics regarding how users interact with Steam. An example is the Steam Hardware and Software Survey, which shows what percentage of players are using what hardware. There are also download stats that break down bandwidth use by country and customer support stats that show how many help requests are being handled at a given time.

Some of this information was already available if you knew where to look. However, having it all compiled into one convenient place is an improvement that should help users have an easier time finding what they need.

New Steam Charts Total Users Peak Online Online Now Overview

Steam Charts lets you see how many users are online on Steam and the platform’s peak user count.

The confusing part

Whilst the new Steam Charts page is nice it may also confuse some users. There is a popular third-party website not associated with Valve that exists also called Steam Charts. When users search for Steam Charts search engines now return both that website and Valve‘s official page.

To make matters even more confusing there’s another website called SteamDB. Once again, this is a third-party website that provides a variety of interesting stats for games on Steam. All three of these services fulfill a similar role. It’ll be interesting to see if Valve’s Steam Charts has any effect on the other two websites.

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