Vampire Survivors patch 0.6.1 adds more characters and a merchant

Vampire Survivors patch 0.6.1 adds more characters and a merchant

Vampire Survivors has only grown in popularity since its early access release last December. Developer Poncle has no plans of slowing down new updates to the game, and the latest one has just dropped. Patch 0.6.1 for Vampire Survivors is now available, bringing with it a selection of new characters and other interesting additions.

The developer calls patch 0.6.1 The Weird One. Specifically, the update introduces brand new characters, a new stage, a merchant, and more to Vampire Survivors. You can find the merchant near the spawn area of the Moonglow stage. Purchasing the Glass Vizard for 10,000 Gold from the merchant unlocks him on all stages. The character Red Death can be unlocked by killing Death after time has run out. Meanwhile, Gallo and Divano are obtained by unlocking the Infinite Corridor weapon evolution and Crimson Shroud weapon evolution respectively. Boon Marrabbio may take a bit more effort to unlock, but the YouTube channel RuNix has a guide for this, and the rest of the new characters post patch 0.6.1.


Beyond characters, the patch includes a new relic called Yellow Sign which should let players access two minor gameplay mechanics. It also introduces two new Arcana power-ups that are focused on freezing powers. These are called Out of bounds and Jail of Crystal. Lastly, the Skip power-up has received one more rank to unlock.

Slight tweaks to the Vampire Survivors experience

We’ve already mentioned the most exciting new additions that patch 0.6.1 brings to Vampire Survivors. However, the patch has also brought some smaller tweaks to the game that are worth knowing about.

The base duration of Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Tuner has been halved. The patch made it so these two weapons have a damage bonus that changes depending on how long they have been charged. The Heart of Fire (XIX) Arcana now affects the striking attack of the Valkyrie Tuner and Phiera Der Tuphello weapons. Also, the stage selection screen now features the option to preview music and music mods, and rerolls can draft Arcanas. Finally, each bonus point given to Armor will increase its retaliatory damage by 10%.

In terms of bug fixes, Poncle has tentatively resolved some issues with items that were not correctly leveling up in the latter stages of a run, and the Bone-stuck-in-the-boss glitch has been removed. If each new update to Vampire Survivors is this extensive, then we can’t wait for the next patch.

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