Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC is growing in June with the Be’lakor update

Vermintide 2 Chaos Wastes DLC is growing in June with the Be'lakor update

Developer Fatshark may be busy working on Warhammer 40K: Darktide, but it still has more prepared for Vermintide II. The latter game released to positive reviews back in 2018, receiving multiple updates and content packs. One of which was Chaos Wastes, a free DLC that injected rogue-lite elements into the fold. But soon, Chaos Wastes will be expanded further in Vermintide II with a Be’lakor update, which alters levels and applies various curses.

Be’lakor is a new presence in Vermintide II‘s Chaos Wastes. A being “disowned by the very gods he once worshipped,” Be’lakor returns to make your life a little hellish. Levels within the Chaos Wastes will now be influenced by Be’lakor. He also sends out his own personal Shadow Lieutenants for you to fight. All the while, new curses keep things spicy. The Shadow Skulls curse, for example, will spawn “vicious skulls” in the air. Shadow Totems, found within the levels, spawn an infinite number of enemies until destroyed.


Shadow Lieutenants drop crystals that open the way to the Temple of Shadows. You’ll need to destroy a Shadow Locus in Be’lakor-influenced levels as part of the process, though. But once you do, you can open the door to the temple, where more Lieutenants await. Dusting the Be’lakor statue is the end goal, and you get rewards once this is done.

Gimme that shiny shirt

Naturally, the rewards are what make the Be’lakor update all the while in Vermintide II. There are seven new Weapon Traits as well as 31 new boons in the update. Smednir’s Wealth, for example, is a boon that automatically picks up Pilgrim’s Coins. There’s also Hashut’s Echo, and that causes your grenades to detonate twice. That’ll be fun. The update will move a handful of older boons to Weapon Traits, though, like Vaul’s Anvil and Manann’s Tempest. If you’re wondering about all the changes, you can check out the notes at the official reveal page.

The Be’lakor update will be free to all owners of Vermintide II. It’ll go live on Steam on June 14.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Be’lakor Update 2

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