Victoria II goes into the Heart of Darkness

April 16, 2013
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The Heart of Darkness expansion is available right now for all your victorian era colonization needs.

HoD is the second expansion for developer Paradox’ Victoria II on the PC and brings a good deal of change to the game including a revised naval system and a customizable newspaper function.

Dominate the Victorian Age—an era of dramatic politics, rapid transformation of technology, colonization and military force—and seize weaker powers to advance your national destiny. The world can be yours in a new experience published by Paradox Interactive and crafted by Paradox Development Studio, creators of the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II and upcoming Europa Universalis IV.

Vistoria II: Heart of Darkness is available now to add to your game on “all major digital download portals”, it’ll run you $19.99 USD. If you don’t have the base Victoria II game or the ‘A House Divided’ expansion (both of which are needed to run Heart of Darkness), then you’re in luck as ‘select retailers’ are offering as much as 75% off of both to celebrate the launch of the new pack. Read more on the deal to be had right here.

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