Video: Countdown to (more than) marketing with Devolver Digital

In the latest tongue in cheek video bit from the publisher, Devolver Digital pokes fun at marketing in general, and announces a 2022 showcase.

Warning: spicy language ahoy

While the industry continues to flounder in a slew of canceled video game conferences, Devolver Digital has bravely stepped in to fill the void with an unfiltered marketing assault on June 9 at 3pm Pacific live on The Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing takes the 30 glorious minutes before a typically anti-climactic big summer showcase and thrusts it into the spotlight. 

Based on extensive consumer research and focus testing, Devolver Scienticians have learned that the countdown before a showcase is when the audience’s hopes are at their highest, before the inevitable disappointment sets in. Devolver is set to capitalize on this untapped pre-show potential with the greatest countdown the industry has ever seen. But at what cost? 

Join the anxious masses for at least four video game announcements in Summer Game Fest’s most hotly anticipated countdown. To marketing.

Devolver Digital press release

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