Video: Watch yesterday’s Silent Hill: Transmission in its entirety

Video: Watch yesterday’s Silent Hill: Transmission in its entirety

Airing on YouTube yesterday, Konami’s Silent Hill: Transmission was loaded with info about the remake of The Room, and the new Silent Hill f.

Not silent anymore

Silent Hill fans were in for quite the show yesterday, with the special presentation that was Silent Hill: Transmission. Not only was a remake of the fan-favorite Silent Hill: The Room unveiled (which looks great), but there was also a reveal for Silent Hill f.

That’s a brand new title in the series, but if you looked fast you might not know it. Silent Hill f doesn’t visually look a lot like the classic SH entries, and there’s a good reason since it moves the story from the US to Japan. Not only that, but it shakes up the time stream, shifting the horror to the 1960s.

All in all, it’s looking like there’s a ton to get excited for, including action figures. Yes, at along last there will be Silent Hill figures (and more), though everything looks to be of the higher-end variety. So, you know, prepare your bank account.

All of the above and more is included in the full Silent Hill: Transmission, which you can check out below.

Silent Hill f and The Room are both on the way to PS5 and PC.

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