Viewtiful Joe and Another World characters join the cast of Combo Crew

The Game Bakers’ mobile brawler gets Viewtiful in a new cross-company add-on.

It might seem like an odd addition to the iOS brawler at first, but as you can see, Joe fits right into the aesthetic – and the non-stop fighting and combo tallying is definitely up the Capcom character’s alley. As it happens, the longtime publisher is a favorite of The Game Bakers’ Creative Director Emeric Thoa and he’s pleased as punch to have a character from their stable of classic on board for Combo Crew.

“Capcom games had a huge impact on my generation and on me personally, as gamer and designer.” says Emeric Thoa, creative director at The Game Bakers. “If I’m perfectly candid about this, Viewtiful Joe is one of many games, along with God Hand, Final Fight or Street Fighter, that have influenced our direction. Many new-gen indie developers have their classics at heart; to get the chance to pay due tributes to a hero of your youth is a true bliss. We’re so grateful to Capcom for letting Joe fight along the Combo Crew cast.”

In a related news bit, Lester Knight, the playable character from the classic side-scroller Another World (or Out of this World if you prefer) is also a fresh addition to the Crew.

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So there you go, a pair of niche characters carving out their own special places in the combo-rific title from The Game Bakers. Adding Viewtiful Joe to your game will cost you .99 USD until September 3rd, when the price will go up to what’ll be it’s usual $1.99. Meanwhile, Knight will ring up for a grand total of nothin’ on a permanent basis – he’s a free gift to anyone who downloads the game.

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