War of the Realms includes Dark Elves, undead, and Blade

Marvel’s War of the Realms event event series just got a lot more interesting. That’ll happen when you’re talking gods, elves, the undead, and Blade.

All Hel breaks loose

It’s been a while since Blade was seen as a major player in a Marvel Comics event. Honestly, it’s great to see him back, and good to see the creepier side of the Marvel U return once again as well.

Not only does the half-vampire hero look to be involved in 2019’s War of the Realms, but so do the Dark Elves. A major threat from Thor history, the Elves were basically a footnote, even with their including gate The Dark World, the second Thor film. Now though, they’re definitely back, and not alone either. That’s because Marvel’s undead are warring for a title of their own.

And all of this comes before even the first shots of War are fired. As with Infinity Wars, Marvel will be publishing a series of “Road to…” titles. And that all begins in March.

Join the Avengers as they battle the undead, who are vying for the title of the new Lord of the Damned! Hop into space with the Asgardians of the Galaxy as they encounter Ego the Living Planet! And in the final prelude to the War of the Realms, prepare for an invasion with Thor and Lady Freyja as they fight to keep Midgard safe from an initial strike by the Dark Elves…

Marvel press release

The very first taste of War of the Realms includes:

  • AVENGERS #16
    • Written by JASON AARON
    • Art and Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
  • AVENGERS #17
    • Written by JASON AARON
    • Art and Cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
    • Written by CULLEN BUNN
    • Cover by JAMAL CAMPBELL
  • THOR #11
    • Written by JASON AARON
    • Art by LEE GARBETT
    • Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO

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