Warhammer 3 is getting a Vermintide endgame scenario

Vermintide Endgame Scenario In Total War Warhammer 3

Fans of RTS games have always been able to rely on the Total War series for a reliable dose of tactical action across a wide variety of settings. Developer Creative Assembly doesn’t stop there, however. The studio supports its games through some appreciated post-launch updates. And the latest update for Total War: Warhammer 3 has plenty to dig into, including a Vermintide endgame scenario.

Update 2.2 for Warhammer 3 is the latest addition to the game, bringing with it plenty of bug fixes and new features. Some of the highlights include a reduction in the frequency of settlement battles at settlements and garrisons, a rebalance to character experience, and changes to victory objectives of various legendary lords. It also makes changes to AI difficulty and adds an option to let players join separate queues in online ranked play. The biggest of all is the addition of an “endgame crisis.”


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That new endgame content for Warhammer 3 is called Skaven Endgame Crisis: Vermintide. In it, the Skaven have begun expanding their empire and arming up to take over. Warpbombs aren’t the only thing players will have to contend against. “Hordes of vermin spewing out from the dirt in the name of the Under-Father” will also stand in the way of defeating the Skaven factions and “[putting] a stop to the Vermintide.” There’s more to the story, so check it out when you have time.

Beyond the Vermintide endgame scenario for Warhammer 3, update 2.2 also brings a free Regiments of Renown unit pack. This includes units like the Elemental Bear, Bloodthirster, and Terracotta Sentinel. More details about gameplay changes and bug fixes can be seen on the official website, and the developer mentions that update 2.3 will also release later this year.

Total War: Warhammer 3 is out now on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and PC Game Pass.

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