Warhammer III — Alliance Outposts and Allegiance Points guide

Warhammer III — Alliance Outposts and Allegiance Points guide

Total War: Warhammer III now lets you build Alliance Outposts to truly bolster your armies. In essence, you’ll be able to acquire the units from other factions, adding a lot of variety. Here’s our Total War: Warhammer III guide to help you with Alliance Outposts and earning Allegiance Points.

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Total War: Warhammer III Alliance Outposts and Allegiance Points guide

Building and upgrading outposts

You can only build Alliance Outposts in Total War: Warhammer III once you’ve established a defensive alliance with another faction. This will cost 3,000 gold, and it can only be built in a provincial capital that your buddy controls. The Outpost will have three levels, with succeeding ones allowing you to recruit from their global recruitment pool (while also lowering costs).

The above is fairly important, since you don’t really want to waste your gold on a faction with only a handful of units. Likewise, if that nation loses a settlement with your outpost, you’d lose access to the units as well.

Note: Once you have an alliance with a faction, you should see the crossed-swords icon when you open the diplomacy tab. This is where you’ll find the info regarding Outposts, missions, and war coordination targets.

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Recruiting units from your allies

Once the Outpost is built, check the small button underneath an army’s unit panel. There’s a drop-down list here allowing you to select from the various factions with an active Outpost, too.

You’ll then be able to recruit troops by spending Allegiance Points (more on this resource later). But, be reminded that each army can only have up to four allied units. For instance, an army can have four Thunderers from the Dwarfs, or two Thunderers from the Dwarfs and two Demigryph Knights from the Empire. It’s also possible for your armies to swap alliance units, but you still need to be mindful of the four-unit cap.

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Recruiting an entire army from your allies and filling the gaps

Another option, once you have a military alliance, is to recruit an entire army temporarily. This will cost a lot of Allegiance Points based on the quality/tier of the units (i.e., a full stack will be very expensive). Do take note that you can’t control the armies of legendary lords.

As for why we’re recruiting units or entire armies from Alliance Outposts in Total War: Warhammer III, it’s a great way to fill in the gaps in our forces. Here are some examples:

  • If playing as Skarbrand, you won’t have access to ranged units (Khorne being Khorne). But, befriending a Tzeentchian faction should help you acquire Blue Horrors or Pink Horrors.
  • In the case of Ku’gath, his Nurglish units are unbelievably slow. However, once you have a plague that allows for vanguard deployment, you can watch as your opponents get quickly hit from behind by rushing Slaaneshi creatures.
  • If playing as the Daemon Prince, you may only acquire a Chaos God’s high-tier units if you dedicated a province capital to them. Likewise, you have to build separate barracks for the basic units. By recruiting a few from your allies, you won’t need to waste building slots.
  • Assuming you’re playing as Kislev, then it’s always nice to have Dwarfs and Empire troops with you. It adds to the flavor and theme that this is the ending of the world, and everyone is pitching in to create a united front.
  • Generally speaking, allied troops are part of a separate tab, which means they won’t interfere/add extra turns when you’re training artillery or high-end units via your local or global recruitment pools.

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Allegiance Points and missions

So, knowing all the above, how exactly do we gain more Allegiance Points in Total War: Warhammer III? Well, the Outposts/alliances themselves will gradually increase this amount. Just keep doing what you’re doing, beating down the enemies of that faction, and you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Still, it’s possible to gain a lot more by completing missions (also from the same diplomacy tab mentioned earlier). Allies will ask you to eliminate an army led by a certain lord. If you’re able to do that, you’ll obtain dozens of Allegiance Points. In some cases, rulers will even give you the same target (i.e., if they’re at war with the same person). That’s why Chaos Rifts/Realms of Chaos tend to be rewarding, since your allies are also at war with these daemon hosts and they could ask you to eliminate them in successive turns.

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Total War: Warhammer III is available via Steam, Epic Games, and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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