Warzone 2 leak claims Las Almas could be the next battle royale map

Warzone 2 Las Almas Map Leak

Players first got their hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with the release of the beta in September. During multiple beta weekends, we got to play traditional 6v6 modes, as well as Ground War, and a third-person mode. In addition, we tried out some of the weapons and perks on a select number of maps. Early access for the Modern Warfare 2 campaign began on October 20, allowing fans who pre-ordered the game to play through the single-player story mode early. The campaign focuses on a battle against drug cartels in South America and features the familiar faces of Task Force 141. Now, a new leak suggests that Las Almas could be a map in Warzone 2.

The prominent Call of Duty leaker, TheGhostOfHope has shared on Twitter that Las Almas could be the next big map to roll out in Warzone 2. The fictional Las Almas Cartel is based in Mexico, and it features a mix of built up areas mountains and an airport. It’s potentially the perfect environment for a battle royale map.


The Las Almas map leak isn’t completely unrealistic

Without confirmation from Activision, it’s unknown what the development team has planned for future Warzone 2 maps. It’s not unusual for locations from the Call of Duty series to feature in the battle royale. After all, the upcoming Warzone 2 Al Mazrah map will feature classic Modern Warfare 2 maps as points of interest, such as Terminal and Highrise. Also, Mercado Las Almas is a multiplayer map that featured in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

This isn’t the only Warzone 2 leak that has appeared in recent months. Previous leaks have pointed towards the upcoming battle royale getting a Resurgence style map in 2023. There’s no doubt that we will learn more about what Infinity Ward has in store in the future. Call of Duty: Warzone 2 launches on November 16.

Warzone 2 Las Almas Map Leak

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