Warzone Pacific patch nerfs the H4 Blixen and makes bug fixes

Warzone Pacific patch nerfs the H4 Blixen and makes bug fixes

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season Four Reloaded introduced a new game mode, a new assault rifle, a Terminator crossover, and more. Over in Vanguard, players can hop into a new multiplayer map set in a village on a mountainside. With this new season comes a new patch. Raven Software has deployed a fresh patch to tweak the H4 Blixen submachine gun and make a few bug fixes.

Unfortunately, the Season Four Reloaded update brought some issues along with it. This includes the freeze glitch, which has been a problem in the game numerous time before. Reportedly, players have also experienced lag spikes tied to the pinging system.


Warzone Pacific patch makes small changes to the H4 Blixen

Despite already receiving a nerf, the H4 Blixen continues to control the close-range meta in Warzone Pacific. This patch aims to fix that. The H4 Blixen now has a slightly reduced maximum damage, from 39 down to 38. In addition, a bug with its 7.62 Gorenko 54 Round Magazine that caused a quicker movement speed by 2% instead of decreasing it by that amount has been repaired. Although more adjustments have been made, the H4 Blixen still dominates the battlefield and remains a popular choice among players.

A final bug fix made by the Warzone Pacific patch doesn’t involve the H4 Blixen. The patch fixes an issue that caused some players to encounter Dev Error 5476. This would cause the game client to crash, preventing some players from being able to play the game at all.

There are still more bugs lurking around the Pacific. Raven Software notes that it is still working on a fix for a crash at the “Fetching Store Info” screen on all platforms. If you want to keep up with the bugs and glitches being worked on, keep an eye on the official Trello Board.

Warzone Pacific patch H4 Blixen nerf bug fixes

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