Wasteland 2 on Switch gets a release date, hits in a few weeks

A modern turn-based classic, Wasteland 2 followed up on the success of the original title, a game that spawned Fallout. And now it’s landing on Switch.

No waste

Wasteland 2 is one of those games that I keep meaning to play, but never seem to. That’s less the fault of the game, and more that I don’t generally like to get into deep titles, since I never seem to have the time to finish them. Having it in a semi-mobile form though, well that’d be a nice solution to that problem. And that’s why I’m so happy about this announcement, because it mean that Wasteland 2 is finally arriving for the Switch.

The game, which was announced some time ago for Nintendo’s console, is now set for a September 13th release. That’s about two weeks off, and it sounds like I’m not the only one excited.

“When I first showed a screenshot of Wasteland 2 running on the Nintendo Switch, it erupted into one of the largest social media reactions I have ever seen,” said Brian Fargo, CEO of inXile Entertainment. “RPG fans are looking for new ways to experience old favorites, and Nintendo fans are looking for big, meaningful RPG experiences they can play anywhere they go. The game received a huge reaction last week at gamescom, and it feels great to be this close to getting the game in fans’ hands.”

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