Watch Dogs busts records, is Ubisoft’s biggest launch ever

One of the biggest games of the early next generation of consoles might have seen a significant delay from it’s original November ’13 launch window, but holding off from a rush job seems to have been worth it for publisher Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has officially announced that the game has posted the best single-day sales for the company in it history, besting a myriad of other blockbusters from the last decade or so. Say what you like about Ubisoft and their games (and UPlay), but the company knows how to produce, and do it in a way that makes for some amazing experiences in the video game world.

Take a brief look back at the publisher’s catalog and you’ll find some of the greatest games of the 21st century including Assassin’s Creed IV, Far Cry 3, RayMan Legends and more. Now with Watch Dogs, it’s first blockbuster original IP in a while, it looks to have yet another feather in the proverbial cap. Gamers and critics alike have been praising the game even in the face of some sub-standard performance on the PC and sales have matched that enthusiasm.

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With Far Cry 4 now on the way for a late 2014 release and who knows what set to be announced at E3 next month, Ubi is riding high indeed.

Source: MCV

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