Watch Dogs: Legion guide — Kill or Upload decision in Into The Void

Watch Dogs: Legion guide — Kill or Upload decision in Into The Void

Before we go on: spoiler warning for this particular Watch Dogs: Legion guide. If you’re not at the mission Into the Void, and if you don’t know quite what sort of decision you have to make here, then do not read on.

No, seriously: spoiler warning

So, this Watch Dogs: Legion decision guide regards the end of the 404 questline. When you reach the end of the final mission, Into the Void, you’ll discover exactly what’s going on with Skye Larsen and you’ll be given a choice. You can kill her, or you can let the upload finish.

I can’t 100% confirm the ramifications of this decision, because I’m still going through the game a second time after choosing the “Upload” option. But here’s what I know.

If you choose Kill, Nowt is rather happy, and will allow you access to the 404 hubs for repeatable missions that offer ETO. Not only that, but later on she’ll show up in the DedSec safehouse and offer an extra series of story sidequests.

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Watch Dogs Legion Decision

If you choose Upload, Nowt is… displeased, to put it mildly. She’ll end the call after telling you to fuck off, and will then immediately call you back and tell you that, while you can use the 404 hubs, she needs some time.

I suspect that she’ll come around and offer her sidequests in the safehouse later regardless. If so, then that would mean the decision doesn’t have any huge ramifications. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if choosing Upload rather than Kill changes a few things later on — even if only narratively.

This Watch Dogs: Legion guide will be updated as necessary. But for now, you can take a look at our guide hub for more hints and tips.

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