Watch some Sonic Forces tag gameplay and rock out to Metal Sonic’s tunes

Sure, Sonic Mania is all the rage right now, but Sonic Forces is right around the corner. And two new videos lie beyond the break.

Metal… Sonic

Metal Sonic, that vile creation of Doc Eggman, has made a comeback as of late. And now the robotic nogoodnik is bringing his own techno beat to Sonic Forces. Check out the trailer below to have a listen.

While that one had no gameplay to speak of, the next video does, in spades. This one’s all about the new tag mechanic in Sonic Forces. As you’ll see, Sonic races alongside a custom character, and can deal out some interesting attacks.

In Tag stages, Modern Sonic and the custom Hero Character team up to utilize Sonic’s boost abilities and homing attack along with the Hero Character’s Wispon abilities and grappling hook action to defeat the enemies. The video also reveals a new Wispon, the Cube Wispon, which allows the Hero Character to freeze enemies in block-like prisons and ultimately pulverize them into oblivion.

So that looks pretty neat. Sonic Forces honestly has a lot to live up to now though, with the success of Mania. It’s a whole different hedgehog, that’s for sure, as Forces has a Sonic Generations style setup. You won’t find any “modern” Sonic action in Mania, that’s straight up classic blur.

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But as a Sonic fan from the Genesis days, I greatly prefer the latter. Not that I didn’t like Generations, or think that Forces looks like a winner, but that classic Sonic Mania gameplay did a lot to win me over.

Here’s to hoping Forces does the same. It’s set to hit the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime this Holiday.

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