Watch this new Let’s Play of Alien: Isolation and learn how to become xeno chow

Celebrate the arrival of the latest Alien: Isolation DLC pack (Lost Contact) with this Let’s Play video in which the players lose and get perforated by some double-jaws.

Yeah, not what you’d call an ‘easy game’. But while that’s true, it’s also true that Alien: Isolation is the most series-faithful game in a long, long time (ever?) and a truly frightening play experience. Lost Contact is the fourth in a series of downloadable add-ons for the game and expands the already pretty great narrative at play by putting you in the shoes of Axel.

After losing contact (hence the name of the pack) with his colleagues, Axel must make his way out of one of the “most remote” parts of Sevastopol Station. A series of ten challenges stand before him, barring his way to freedom, including facing off against some of the game’s most brutal enemy types. No, this one isn’t going to be easy to get through, but is anything when you’re being hunted by a hungry xenomorph?

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Alien: Isolation is currently available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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