We Happy Few is a mod, ’60s era creepfest

Contrast developers Compulsion Gamestakes the wraps off their newest title, the very creepy looking We Happy Few.

We know very little at this point about We Happy Few. Obviously, the game has a very Clockwork Orange/The Prisoner vibe to it, and looks to have some sort of ‘drug culture’ element as well. It also appears to be a first-person title, at least it does from the trailer (and I’m hoping I get to take that cricket bat to some of those creeps at some point).

To put it mildly, I’m pretty interested in seeing more about this one. Compulsion Games’ last title, Contrast, was an extremely interesting affair that broke a few genre conventions, and actually presented something new to the world of the puzzle/platformer. From the trailer shown here, it looks like they might be doing the very same thing with the first-person title. Here’s to hoping.

Compulsion wil be at PAX East in booth #6216, so if you’re attending, you might want to stop by and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of We Happy Few. It looks like it just might be very much worth your while.

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