Weekly Exo Challenge and pinnacle rewards guide

Weekly Exo Challenge and pinnacle rewards guide

Your adventures in Destiny 2: Beyond Light take you to Europa. There, you’ll need to complete a weekly challenge from the Clovis Bray AI. Doing this nets you a powerful drop, although this can turn into a pinnacle reward later. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Weekly Exo Challenges and pinnacle rewards

As mentioned, Destiny 2: Beyond Light‘s weekly Exo Challenge only gives you a powerful drop. However, you can turn this into a pinnacle reward which can be very helpful while you’re trying to reach the 1260 power level cap.

To do this, you’ll need to obtain the “Europan Explorer III” Sabotage perk from Variks. But, there are also a few prerequisites from this particular perk column to keep in mind:

  • Europan Explorer I – 50x enemies defeated with kinetic weapons; 50x enemies defeated with energy weapons; 25x enemies defeated with power weapons. This unlocks Europa’s weapon quests.
  • Europan Explorer II – Defeat 30x powerful (yellow bar) enemies in Empire Hunts. This unlocks elected difficulty for Empire Hunts.
  • Europan Explorer III – Complete a weekly Exo Challenge. This converts the powerful loot into a pinnacle drop.
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D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Reward 1

You’ll need to complete the weekly Exo Challenge on one of your characters first, which means you’ll only get powerful loot for that attempt. After doing that, the Variks Sabotage perk becomes unlocked and future attempts will net you a pinnacle drop.

D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Reward 2

Anyway, let’s go ahead and discuss the weekly Exo Challenges in Destiny 2: Beyond Light:

D2bl Wkex Ch Pinnacle Reward 3

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