Well, here’s a shock- the Fantastic Four reboot actually looks pretty awesome in the new teaser

I have to admit, I was extremely down on Fox’ reboot of Marvel’s classic Fantastic Four property. One look at the new teaser trailer for the film though, and I think I’ve changed my mind.

The tone is way darker than I would have thought, which isn’t super-fitting for the FF, but it honestly looks really… good. That’s not an easy thing for me to say, as I was a big FF fan when I was a kid and director Josh Trank’s vision for the new film version looked to be so different than that, that there couldn’t be any way it would be decent.

Still though, even with the great trailer and the hard sci-fi bent that the film obviously has (and I love), those ‘containment suit’ type uniforms aren’t making me smile and I don’t like the fact that Dr Doom is a hacker instead of a Latvarian monarch. It’s amazing what a well-made trailer can do though, as I’ve done a 180 and will definitely head to the multiplex to check this out now, whereas yesterday I didn’t want anything to do with it.

You think if this is a massive hit, Marvel will think twice about canceling the comic? Fantastic Four (Fant4stic) will hit theaters this August the 7th.

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