What a lovely day for a Mad Max (the game) trailer

The video game version of Mad Max is looking almost as great as the upcoming movie.

I’m almost as excited about this game as I am about the film. While the new movie restarts a film franchise that’s been dormant for ages, the game is the first for the character and his world since the 1990 NES Mad Max game. And let’s be honest, while there was a lot of what makes Max Max in that game, it was far from what I’d call a good time.

Warner Bros and developer Avalanche Studios though, well they seem to have a much better handle on things this time around with an open-world title that looks every bit as authentic as the film that it’s set to spin out of. As you might have been able to tell from the trailer too, the game doesn’t follow the script of the movie at all, and is meant to be a further adventure for Max.

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Unfortunately, it won’t be hitting retail at the same time as the film either, as gamers still have a bit of a wait. Mad Max is set to arrive for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC this September the 1st.

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