What is Shoot House in Modern Warfare 2? – Explained

What is Shoot House in Modern Warfare 2? – Explained

Maps are important when it comes to competitive shooters. Knowing the battleground with its various routes and shortcuts is the first step in gaining a leg up on the competition, and Call of Duty players are well aware of this. The Call of Duty series has had no shortage of fan-favorite maps that have returned across numerous games due to high demand. When Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released back in 2019, it also introduced some new fan-favorite maps. One of the maps that players enjoyed most was Shoot House, and it has now returned in the latest entry, Modern Warfare 2.

But, what is Shoot House about, and how has it changed since its previous appearance in the series?

What is Shoot House in Modern Warfare 2?

At its most basic level, Shoot House in MW2 is the same close-quarters map that players enjoyed back in Modern Warfare. However, it has received a new visual coat of paint and some minor changes to its layout. The map is well known for having a three-lane design and for being one of the smaller maps available in the Modern Warfare reboot series.

Areas like a junkyard, long corridors that are perfect for snipers, and enclosed interiors present a variety of environments for different styles of combat to shine. Shotgun players will feel at home in the makeshift buildings, while assault rifle enthusiasts will stick to the open corners of the map.

Shoot House is popular enough to warrant its own playlist in the MW2 multiplayer menu. By selecting the ‘Shoot House’ game mode, players can enter a playlist that is nothing but a selection of every mode available to play on the map. The modes supported on the map include Kill Confirmed, Headquarters, Domination, Hardpoint, and Team Deathmatch.

Shoot House Map Mw2

Image via Infinity Ward

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