What’s dangerous in the world of The Flame in the Flood? Everything.

There isn’t much that won’t take a swipe at you in this post-apocalyptic rogue like. So here are some ‘wilderness tips’ to help you survive the world of The Flame in the Flood.

I can’t get over how great this game looks. Normally I’m not all that into games that don’t have much combat either, but this just looks like it hits all the right notes. I guess it doesn’t hurt that it was put together by some of the talented minds behind both BioShock and BioShock Infinite.

If you hadn’t gathered from the trailer above, The Flame in the Flood takes place in a United States that’s decidedly “post-society”. And while avoiding dangerous wildlife is important, crafting your instruments of survival is just as big of a deal, as is making your way down the river that the game’s name refers to. A river that holds trouble all its own.

Good thing you’ve got Aesop at your side. That’s your partner in the wild, the little doggie who’s more than happy to bark at danger and tote your stuff around on his back. Up for trying to stay warm, fed, and -most importantly- alive? The Flame in the Flood hits the Xbox One, PC, and Mac on February 24th.

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