Where to deploy Aquatic Communication Relays in Fortnite and complete the challenge

Where to deploy Aquatic Communication Relays in Fortnite and complete the challenge

Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2, there has been a range of new challenges for you to take on. Some are easier than others, but you will want to complete as many as you can to level up your Battle Pass. One challenge requires you to deploy Aquatic Communication Relays at Logjam Lumberyard in Fortnite. Once you know where to look thanks to this handy guide, you’ll have the two-part challenge completed in no time.

Upon arrival at Logjam Lumberyard, your first task is to activate the uplink device. This is a blue hologram which can be found near the northeastern river side, around the edge of the larger body of water. All you have to do is interact with the uplink device and you are ready to move on to the next step.


How to deploy the Aquatic Communication Relays in Fortnite

Take a dip in the pond at the center of the of the point of interest. You should then see the Aquatic Communication Relays appear in the water. The tiny, glowing satellites floating on the pond should be pretty hard to miss. The locations will also appear on the mini map as exclamation marks.

Logjam Lumberyard is typically a busy point of interest. It’s likely that this area is about to get a whole lot more populated with other players trying to complete this challenge. There are plenty of chests full of loot nearby, so you may want to grab a weapon or two before you make your own attempt. Also, there are boats nearby that you can use to defend yourself while in the water.

For your efforts, you will earn 23,000 XP towards progressing your Battle Pass for completing the Aquatic Communication Relays challenge in Fortnite. It is definitely worth completing to get your hands on some quick XP.

Aquatic Communication Relays In Fortnite

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