Where to find and interact with a Dead Drop in Fortnite Season 7

Where to find and interact with a Dead Drop in Fortnite Season 7

Many players have been enjoying the new content in the Fortnite Season 7 since the alien invasion. Whether flying UFOs, or hunting down live loot llamas there is something for everyone. One important part of Fortnite that has not changed is the regular rollout of weekly challenges. The Fortnite Season 7 Week 2 challenges are now available and ready to complete. There is a lot of XP up for grabs, so these are definitely worth completing to progress your battle pass. One Fortnite challenge requires you to find and interact with a Dead Drop. There are a total of four Dead Drops hidden in Weeping Woods, but you only need to find one of them.

Once you make your way to the Weeping Woods point of interest, you can begin looking for a Dead Drop. A Dead Drop is a piece of equipment that is used to secretly pass information from one person to another. Be on the look out for a tree stump which appears to have a wheel attached to it. These are easy to spot, as Dead Drops are surrounded by a bright blue glow.


Tracking down a Dead Drop in Fortnite

The first can be found under a tree to the northeast side of Weeping Woods near the river. You can find two more on opposite ends of the bridge with Primal décor to the north. The last Dead Drop is on the southwest end of Weeping Woods beside the river and a pile of lumber.

Once you have interacted with a Dead Drop in Fortnite, you will receive a rather generous 45,000 XP. This legendary challenge is easy, and it will provide a significant boost to your battle pass. For more guides and information about Season 7 changes and new features in Fortnite, you can visit our Season 7 content hub.

Fortnite Dead Drop

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