Where to find Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Crustaceous Moss

As you progress your character in Wild Hearts, you need to hunt down many different materials to upgrade weapons and armor. One of the materials you might find yourself in need of as you get into some areas is Crustaceous Moss. This can be one of the more confusing items to find, purely by guessing where to find it. Here’s our guide on where to find Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts: Crustaceous Moss creatures and location

You can obtain Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts by either killing or petting the crab creatures called Grassghoul Decapods, which you can find on Natsukodachi Isle. Finding the Grassghoul Decapods should be relatively easy, as they spawn on the beaches of the isle. One of the more reliable locations to find them is at the beach on the east part of the island where Kemono boss can sometimes spawn. You can also use the in-game map filters to see where Small Kemono are if you’re having trouble.

You can also kill the Decapods to get Crustaceous Moss in Wild Hearts. But beware that killing them only gives you a chance of finding Crustaceous Moss, meaning you can also get something you don’t really want. Although it is a split 50/50 chance, this way is easier than the petting method. So choose which one to do at your own discretion.

Wild Hearts Crustaceous Moss Finish Crab

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Petting creatures in Wild Hearts

If this Crustaceous Moss guide has been the first mention of petting in Wild Hearts, don’t worry; it’s a relatively hidden feature. Standing still and pressing the dodge button in Wild Hearts will allow you to crouch down and walk sneakily. When you do this, you’re able to sneak up on Small Kemono in the wild and kill them silently.

That is, if you choose to kill them. On approach, the game presents two different prompts: kill the Small Kemono, or pet it. Petting Kemonos usually gives you different loot than killing them, which is a fun incentive to want to do this. As mentioned, one of the loot items you can find from doing this method in Wild Hearts is the Crustaceous Moss.

Be aware that the Grassghoul Decapod also sometimes releases a poisonous gas that can lead to you being poisoned when you pet it. Make sure you have some Healing Water on you so you don’t perish while on the grind.

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